About Us

Aromatherapy is increasingly revealed as a tool that supports the process of self-discovery through the sense of smell: the only sense that cannot be deceived by the prejudices and limits of the rational mind: the smell does not lie. Moreover, more and more scientific research recognizes the value of essential oil as a powerful tool to support the Health of the Person and to enhance the healing process….

Essential oils, considered by the arbors of history as tools to communicate with the deep Self, have always been used in various fields: in Health, Food, Environment and Cosmetics and Perfumery.

The scientific Aromatherapist uses aromatic essences taking into account mainly the biochemical profile and only through careful experience in the field. Each biochemical profile outlines the character of the essential oil and defines the zone of caution in its use. The correct choice of an essential oil is the prerequisite for creating a specific blend.

… “There is an unusual and extraordinary power in the essences: they evoke sensations, emotions, memories, remote images … they trace the refuge of the soul. Each, with its specificity, embodies intoxicating notes: Matter and Spirit intertwine in a unique and magical musical symphony that penetrates the most unexplored horizons of our interiority, where the mind can not lie”…

Aromatherapy is divided into several branches:

Applied aromatherapy

The study of the therapeutic potential to prevent the symptom, to support physical health and speed up the healing process.


Study the link between the Body and subtle energies. It offers Essential work on the energetic planes of the person (Subtle Bodies, Chakras) through the modern discoveries of Quantum Physics, Sacred Mathematics and Information Science.


It uses the scientific mechanisms underlying modern research on the sense of smell and its implications on the Central Nervous System, in particular on the Limbic System: memory, emotions and the unconscious, in order to define the Aromatism of the Person.


He deals with the implications of aromatherapy in the field of Cosmetics and Beauty: body care, the Aroma Spa, the Botanical Perfumery

Aroma-Space Clearing

Environmental aromatherapy makes a strong contribution to all those situations in which the environment affects the psychological state and physical well-being of the person and finds its use in: Decluttering, Disposophobia, Depression or simply to create a harmonious, aromatic, essential environment.

Hotel Amisos is active in the marketing of innovative and natural products in the areas of wellness, lifestyle and trends.

We research, select and distribute technologically unique products that can bring natural benefits to our psychophysical state.

Hotel Amisos distributes non-medical products developed to alleviate and solve problems such as joint pain in every area of the body, inflammation and contractures, discomfort caused by sport or age, as well as stress, insomnia, anxiety and many other diseases.

The philosophy behind Inviktus is the constant research and dissemination of natural, innovative and easy to use solutions aimed at improving the quality of life of the end customer, spreading a greater awareness of the importance of well-being in everyday life.

In addition to the FIT plaster line, Hotel Amisos’ main products include Peter Legwood orthopaedic slippers and Iplikator acupressure pads.

Inviktus is a young company, particularly active in the search for new solutions and new products, and thanks to its ties with international networks and its presence at major national and international health and wellness fairs.