Bedbugs in hotels have become a serious concern for travelers. If you’ve never had them, you can make sure you don’t have them in the future either. If you are diligent and pay attention to your surroundings, you can prevent them forever, even if you stay in a hotel.

How to avoid bedbugs in hotels:

Since bed bugs can easily stick to your bag or clothing, you should avoid visiting any house or hotel that you know has them.

When you must travel, what can you do about bed bugs in hotels? You can’t be sure if a hotel has them or not. You would have to take the same precautions as at home, and make the same kind of visual inspection. Unfortunately, bed bugs in hotels have become very common.

It would be wise to first search online, by name, for hotels in the area where you are staying. Look for hotel reviews from former customers. It is unlikely that a hotel will reveal itself to have a bed bug problem, so you should look for independent reviews.

Just because a hotel isn’t listed as having a bug problem doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bug-free. Travelers can take them to a hotel in their clothing or luggage at any time.

How can you avoid getting bugs in hotels if you have to stay in one? The way you can check for bed bugs in a hotel is by doing a visual check of the bedding and mattress. Look for blood stains or dry spots that are dark brown or black. Those are the creature’s droppings.

Act immediately if you see these common and obvious signs of infestation. You shouldn’t have to stay in a hotel with bugs, nor do you want to.

Check the headboard and the mattress. If it is near the bed, the dressing rooms and bedside tables should be checked as well. These bugs like to hide in dark places, so drawers are a likely place to find them.

Report the problem to the front desk. Talk to the manager. He may not even be aware of the problem. It won’t necessarily help you to change rooms because they can easily spread from one room to another. For your peace of mind, go and find another hotel without bedbugs.

A good idea before you travel is to get information on several hotels in the area. That way, if you find that your hotel has bugs, maybe the next one will be bug-free. It’s best to plan ahead so you can choose to stay at a hotel with bed bugs or one without them. Have a list of hotels as a backup so you don’t feel pressured.

Take the following precautions even if you don’t see obvious signs of these bugs in your hotel room It’s better to avoid them than to try to get rid of them.

Bring a bug spray with you when you travel. I only recommend using non-toxic pest control products. There are small travel sprays available at hotels and motels for disposal.

Do not put your bags on the floor. Put them on a dresser or desk. If the hotel has provided a luggage rack, be sure to use it. You should also not put your bag or discarded clothing on the floor because bedbugs can climb on them undetected. Your bag should be hung in the closet or from a shower bar if possible.

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