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I love new and exciting activities. If these activities are also free, then I’m so in. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I moved to Toronto ON, I started looking for activities to explore the city, meet new people and have fun. I was surprised that so many and varied free things are offered.

In this post, I share activities for the following areas:

Free movies in Toronto
Free party’s in Toronto
Free sports in Toronto
Free books in Toronto

Free tourist activities Toronto

You are new in Toronto and want to explore the city for free? Let’s go!

Free City Walking Tour

Free “City Walking Tours” are available all over the world and I have already explored some cities in this way. These tours are perfect for the start to get an overview of the city and get to know a little of the history and the people. In Toronto I took part in a tour with the “Tour Guys”. There are even 4 different tours, depending on your interest. Try it out!

Free Museums

Most museums in Toronto have special times when you get free entry. Check out the Art Gallery of Ontario or the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Perfect for a rainy or cold day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Festivals And Parades

Between May and October Toronto has every weekend new and interesting cultural festivals with parades. Don’t miss the Pride weekend with parades or the Caribbean Carnival. There are also street festivals like the “Taste of Italy” or “Taste of the Danforth”.


Toronto has beautiful beaches on Lake Ontario. Sunbathe, play volleyball or swim in the lake. My favorite beaches are Sunnyside Beach and Cherry Beach. Of course, the beaches on Toronto Island are also highly recommended, but you should plan $7.50 for the ferry.

Exploring Tour

Just stroll through the streets of Toronto and see some cool places. St. Lawrence Market, Kensington Market, Queens Park, High Park, the Harbourfront and the Distillery Historical District are highly recommended.

Free Movies In Toronto

In summertime, you can find open-air cinemas all over Toronto, making the decision almost impossible.

Harbour Front Free Flicks

Every Wednesday evening in August you can watch a film directly on the water. The location is magical with the CN Tower and skyscrapers right next to it. Check out what’s going on!

Yongs Dundas Square

Tuesday is movie night at Time Square in Toronto. You can find dates for July and August.

Christie Pits Film Festival

Are you interested in new films from Canadian producers? Then don’t miss this event. Pack your picnic blanket and go to the park on Sundays in July or August.

Free Parties in Toronto

Oh yes, the nightlife somehow belongs to travelling and exploring a city. So where do you get free parties?

Hi Pub Crawl

Every Thursday the HI Hostel starts a Pub Crawl through the city for guests and interested people. 5 bars are on the list and you meet other travellers who are interested in making contact with other people. The tour is free thanks to a nice volunteer, but you still have to pay for the drinks yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bars & Clubs

A bar can turn into a karaoke club or a dance party at a later hour. Many clubs in Toronto don’t charge admission either. Check out what’s going on in town!

Free Sports In Toronto

You want to stay active while traveling? Fortunately, there are several ways to do this in Toronto.

Free Yoga

I love yoga in the park and so it was one of the first activities I found in Toronto. While searching I came across this helpful blog where all free yoga opportunities are summarized. Have a look right now!

Free Swimming

Most municipal swimming pools are free and you can use the space for swimming or sunbathing. I always go to the outdoor pool in Alexandra Park because it is very central and the place is nice to relax.

Free Fitness Training

Community centers in Toronto offer some free sports programs such as Pilates, Tai Chi or strength training. Check out which center is closest to you and which courses are available when!

Training In The Park

Put on your sneakers and run to the nearest park or along the shore. Some parks also have outdoor training equipment. Here you can find the installed equipment stations in Toronto!

Free Books In Toronto

You love books and could spend days in libraries and bookstores? Fortunately for you, there are countless libraries in Toronto that are open to the public free of charge. You’ll find the libraries and Public Library Toronto on almost every corner. Find your favorite books or use the free Internet at PCยดs or WLAN.

So, I think those were some good tips to start with. Have fun exploring Toronto for free! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you know about other free and interesting activities? Leave a comment and we can expand the list together.

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