The Hunger-Satisfaction Mechanism

What is the hunger-satisfaction mechanism?

The hunger-satisfaction system is a natural device that works normally for every person. It creates one’s body-which was once a well-oiled, efficient equipment-” to know” (using different hormones) when it requires to consume and also when it requires to discontinue consuming.

Yet, what takes place when something within this device fails? What takes place when the hunger-satisfaction mechanism breaks down?

In this instance, we eat not because of physical hunger, but “merely due to the fact that we seem to like it,” in order to subdue what is bothering us, because we are feeling annoyed, or experiencing any type of unwanted feeling. From this factor, the road to over-eating is nearby.

The bright side is that this situation is reversible. We can turn the wheel back, as well as take control of our device again, even if it has failed. It is feasible to discover, once more, just how to identify the hunger satisfaction system and act according to its requirements. I did it 25 years ago as well as you can as well.

How does the hunger satisfaction system break down or fail us for many years?

Below are a partial variety of reasons to clarify this sensation:

a. We teach our youngsters that “sweet taste comforts”. For instance, a youngster weeps as well as we provide him a chocolate or other nosh.

b. Certain medicines created to treat tummy acids, or minimize tooth pain have a sweet taste to sidetrack the child’s attention from the pain. They may lessen the pain, but, basically, they also contribute to the devastation of the body’s natural system.

c. Feeding youngsters “by the clock” instead of “by need” as is recommended by numerous parents’ guidebooks.

d. Imitation-children view their parents consumption despite hunger satisfaction, yet instead according to their mood.

e. Rather than encouraging the hunger-satisfaction device, diets urge eating conditions, because the purpose is a marathon whose goal is to “drop weight at any type of rate.”

Just how does reconnecting with the hunger-satisfaction device enable one to drop weight and/or preserve this fat-burning over a very long amount of time?

Because we were born with the hunger-satisfaction mechanism, and it is natural in every human being, after that our ability to pay attention to it likewise exists in every one people. Just as we will never forget how to ride a bicycle, so we will certainly never forget exactly how to eat according to hunger satisfaction. This requires us to intend to listen to ourselves once again, want to address our requirements, and understand that this is a favorable, vital action in enhancing our quality of life. After that, with the ideal understanding, belief as well as tenacity, almost everyone can meet this goal.


( 1) We need to trust our body, which longs to accomplish its optimal weight, as well as which will certainly assist us concerning just how to eat according to the physical hunger-satisfaction mechanism. Our body will assist us regarding how much and also when to eat for the good of our health and wellness.

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