I had thought about making you a selection of my essential and favorite products for hair care since you have asked me for advice on this subject.

My trick is to pamper my hair a lot, to be constant, trying not to get dehydrated as well as not to mistreat it excessively.

Obviously, each one has a different type of hair and different needs, so I can not ensure or promise that the products that I do well will work just as well for you. Nevertheless, I consider them to be quite suitable for all types of hair and that in general, whenever I have recommended them, they have been liked very much.

How is my hair

My hair is neither thick nor very thin, an intermediate point I would say. I have it long, wavy and with a lot of volume on top. I wear color because, although I am 24 years old, I have many gray hairs, and when I say many are many.

I tend to fall out easily in times of stress or changing seasons.

It breaks easily and the ends tend to dry out a lot.

But generally, and thanks to the fact that I take good care of it, it tends to look quite healthy and shiny.

Once you have an idea of what my hair looks like to see the similarity with yours, we move on to my selection of favorite and essential products with which I take care of my hair.

I have selected both treatment and styling products because I believe that hair should be taken care of before, during and after.

As you can see, I haven’t added any shampoo or conditioner as I usually alternate and try different brands depending on the time of year.

100% organic and natural virgin coconut oil (cold pressed).

Coconut oil is the best vegetable oil for hair because, thanks to its composition and molecular weight, it is the only one that can penetrate deep into the hair, unlike other oils that remain on the surface.

It provides hydration, nourishes, is a fungicidal agent, so it is a perfect anti-dandruff treatment, gives shine, conditions … In short, it is all that hair needs. And the best thing is that it is natural, so it does not contain the dreaded silicones or parabens that suffocate the hair.

I apply it as a mask before washing my hair. I wrap all my hair in oil massaging the roots well and put on a shower cap and a towel. Then I heat the product with the dryer so that it penetrates better and I let it act as long as possible (from 1 to 2 hours). Then I rinse and wash my hair normally.

You can find coconut oil in herbalists, herbalists, pharmacies…

Revlon Uniq One no-rinse treatment

I love this product and I’ve been using it for two years now. It is a treatment/mask that does not require rinsing. It claims to provide 10 benefits including hydration, repair, frizz control, hairstyle facilitator, UVA and UVB ray protector, thermal protector…

I am personally left with the fact that it is a perfect heat protector and that it hydrates and softens my hair very much, helping it to break much less, and consequently, to grow faster.

I use it when I get out of the shower after removing the excess moisture from the hair with a towel. I apply two pulses in the palm of my hand and spread it all over the hair inciting the ends.

Kérastase Ultime Elixir Oil

This oil is one of my treasures because it is not as economic as others that exist in the market, but since I tried it 3 years ago, I have not stopped using it.

It is a multipurpose oil that sublimates the hair. It hydrates, provides softness, gives an extra shine, favours the cellular renewal of the capillary fibre…. And it smells wonderful!

I use it as a serum once my hair is dry and combed to give it texture and softness. It really leaves it very light and with an extra softness and shine that I love. The finish it leaves after styling is impeccable.

GHD hair straighteners.

I have had this iron for about 5 years now and I have to say that it continues as the first day.

I don’t iron my hair every day, but I do touch up the fringe area and I do some general strokes to give it softness and shine (the iron closes the cuticle of the hair and causes that effect of shine and softness).

When I decide to make a few waves or curls, I am perfect with this iron because the temperature is perfect for my hair and I do not feel punished or dry as with other irons that I have come to use.

I highly recommend these irons because, although they are not very economical, they are the best I have tried and last a lifetime like the first day. They respect the hair a lot within the measure of what a heat tool can respect and that is why the GHD are one of my indisputable allies.

Ebelin Wood Brush

The brushing of the hair is something that I take care of very much since it is in this act where we split the hair more. I don’t usually have tangles but I like to brush it daily with softness and without pulling. This act besides stimulating the circulation and therefore the capillary nutrition, helps to eliminate traces of dirt and toxins that adhere to the hair throughout the day.

I use this specific brush but it could be any other as long as it is made of wood.

It is advisable that the hair brushes are made of wood and with wooden spikes/bristles, as it eliminates and avoids static electricity that bothers us and damages the hair.

Hair gum Invisibobble

These gummies have been my last discovery here in Germany and I had been behind them for a while because they were seen a lot by all German girls.

I was curious to know what was special about them and once I tried them I was hooked.

These sophisticated gomillan are characterized by the following:

  • They don’t press on the hair or leave marks
  • Prevents headache
  • Prevents hair from breaking and pulling
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Anti-allergic and compatible with all hair types

What I like about these very special gomillas is their “telephone cable” shape that makes the look of a casual bow and a broken tail look very natural and achieved.