Natural remedies for skin care

Our skin is delicate and every day is attacked by external agents such as smog, bath foam and personal hygiene products often based on chemicals too aggressive and do not forget the junk food and lifestyles not always suitable to keep us healthy and fit. In summer, excessive exposure to the sun can cause damage and weaken the skin.

Natural remedies for skin care and beauty

The skin is an organ of “defense” for our organism

After talking about natural remedies for hair care, in this post, we will talk about how we can preserve and care for our skin in a natural way that we do not forget, as well as being cause for concern as a mirror of our beauty, is also a real defending organ!

Don’t you believe it? The skin or skin is an organ, not an invincible shield

The skin is also called epidermis or we can call it dermis. The skin is therefore the outer skin of our body. In a mammal and particularly in humans, the skin is an extended organ of the apparatus called tegumentary (or as scientists call the body lining of the Invertebrates and Vertebrates) in an adult human the total surface of the skin reaches about 2 square meters.

What’s the skin for?

The skin has the function of protecting the underlying tissues, i.e. the muscles, bones and internal organs.

We must take the utmost care of our skin, especially with the passage of time and increasing age, observe the changes that are the litmus test of its good functioning and also of our overall health.

The beauty of our skin is a sign of health and it goes without saying that the first things to correct are our lifestyle and yes… nutrition, healthy eating, good eating is a fundamental element for the health and beauty of our body.

For us at Natural Mania a balanced and vegetarian diet is the best way to take care of our body in a natural way.

Eating well and healthy is the first natural remedy for beautiful and healthy skin

What to eat to keep your skin healthy and beautiful in a natural way?

Lots of vitamin A, B vitamins, Tocopherol, Zinc, vitamin C, brewer’s yeast and drink water, lots of water as we had already written in our natural remedies for dry hair hydration is essential for the well-being of our entire body, for the health of the hair and also for the beauty of our skin!

Oxygenate the body to make the skin more beautiful and radiant

As far as the lifestyle is concerned, everything that oxygenates our bodies is fine.

Oxygen is the nourishment of the cells, so stop smoking, which reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the skin. If you smoke, the appearance of your face will be particularly affected: you will age quickly, so STOP SMOKING to live healthier!

We, the contraire, who want you to have a bright and healthy effect on your face and body, forbid smoking and it is likely that you will brighten up with joy when looking in the mirror you will find that your buttocks have also changed shape because smoking also increases water retention!

Reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages a natural panacea for the skin

Beware of alcoholic beverages, alcohol abuse damages and ages the skin!

If you really don’t want to give up, prefer sugar-free cocktails, another bitter enemy of skin health because it induces a generic state of inflammation.

Sleep well helps to maintain young and healthy skin

We need a lot of restorative sleep, good sleep makes us beautiful.

Sleep is one of the most effective natural remedies, if, due to stress and hectic life you have some problem in falling into the arms of morpheus here are some natural remedies to sleep well.

Yes, it is useful to sleep at least 7-8 hours to wake up with a good look and possibly it would be better to go to bed early so as to accustom our body to a sleep-wake rhythm as natural as possible and in harmony with the alternation of day and night.

If you really can’t sleep all these hours, at least pay attention to the quality of rest, preferring a dark environment and absolute silence and don’t forget to clean your face and décolleté before sleeping.

Always remove makeup before going to sleep

About make up, supports cruelty free make up and not tested on animals, we must take three minutes ALWAYS before going to sleep to remove the make-up instead of weighing down our useful pores with a mask of foundation dust and sweat, right?

Just to reiterate that the skin breathes and wants to breathe.

If you’ve sometimes fallen asleep from laziness with make-up… you’ll recognize that it’s a piece of advice that makes the difference.

Protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen

Let’s not forget to always use a sunscreen in the summer, and we are

publishing this article right in the middle of summer so all the more reason to reiterate that the excessive exposure of our skin to the sun’s rays is not healthy.

Read our how to protect yourself from the sun in a natural way to deal with the sea, the beach and the sun in the right way!

Let’s say right away that, that famous sun protection factor contained in most day creams is not an imaginary little number put there at random, as one might sometimes think.

However, it is better to make sure that our favourite cream has at least one medium factor (Sun Protection Factor 15 ALMENO, you can find it abbreviated as SPF), otherwise it is better to change it and remember that to protect the skin it is necessary to re-apply the sunscreen, since it is not eternal, especially if you like to soak in the sea.